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Control Your Central AC Remotely and Lower Your Energy Use


Some Real Benefits
Program Details

Smart thermostats allow you to adjust settings using the internet or your smartphone, from anywhere, and are equipped with programming features that maximize the efficiency of your central air-conditioning system. Smart thermostats also allow PSEG Long Island to remotely adjust the amount of electricity your central air-conditioning system uses to help reduce the demand for energy during peak periods. A signal similar to a pager and/or beeper will communicate with your central air-conditioning thermostat and will cycle your unit's compressor on and off to reduce demand on our electric system. Your fan will continue to operate and circulate air. You can always override the adjustment if necessary.


To begin using your central air conditioning, please check that MODE is set on COOL. To check this, press the UP button to light up the screen. MODE is located in the upper left hand corner of the lit screen. If you do not see the word COOL below MODE, please press the MODE button until COOL is displayed. You are now ready to use your central air conditioning.